Day 20 – Body Progress Report


D20 Weight Graph D20_Waist_Graph

Day 1 Stats:

  • Weight: 204 Lbs.
  • Waist : 42″

Day 20 Stats:

  • Weight: 195.6 Lbs
  • Waist: 40.5″

I am quite happy with the progress that I have made. I have managed to keep to my workout regime, weight lifting 4 times a week and hiking 2 days a week.

I weighed myself a handful of times over the past 10 days and I fluctuated from about 192 right back up to around 197. This morning the wheel landed right on:

D20_Weight 9-23


I am happy that I am not losing fat too fast. The plan was to give myself reasonable goals and lose weight slowly, not “crash diet” and starve myself (too much) and I like to think I am sticking with that. I must admit, following a lower carb, intermittent fasting diet is quite a challenging shift from my previous no-limits, overindulgent eating habits. However, I have to keep reminding myself that in order to take up residence in the gay ideal body, I must subject myself to a considerable amount of self-denial.

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