Day 23 – Face Fat

Yesterday as I was trimming my beard, I made a common mistake and accidentally shaved off a huge chunk of hair. Normally, I would attempt to even out the rest of my beard  to match where I had botched. Instead of that, I decided to just trim the entire thing off and this is what I uncovered:

D26 Face pic

Shawn, my boyfriend, was the first one to notice that my clean shaven face revealed that I had lost a noticeable amount of face fat. (A quick note, the iPad camera does have a apply considerably favorable angular distortion in the above pic, making the results a little more dramatic than they are.)

In truth, I have to admit, the main reason why I have kept my beard is precisely to cover up my face fat. In addition to that, I thought a beard was fitting for the rest of my body. I am not saying that all larger guys should grow a beard, only that for me the hairy, bearded large male look seemed to work the best for me.

And looking back on some pictures, it seemed to be the right decision:

D26 Face Fat Shaved      D26 Face Fat Beard

Jolly red-beard Santa Clause is what seemed to work the best! What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Day 23 – Face Fat

  1. we have watched eachothers bodies transform over the years and the thing that sticks with me most is your smile. no matter how much weight is gained or lost you have always seemed in a state of acceptance and happy regardless. and it shows. with that being said i do love the scruff but a large part of that is just envy. and on the flip side when you are all cleaned up it makes me smile and think of when i knew you when you were still living in seattle. ha, so either way dan, you are loved. congrats on your hard work paying off. you really can see a change in your latest face shot.

    • Oh Cody, you are so sweet! What really nice words. You are right, in reality, I have never really been bogged too much down by my body image, but it is always something nagged me in the back of my head. The beard might come back again soon, so don’t worry too much. And yes, I think with great fondness my first trips down here to visit when I was 21 year-old, skinnier man. I have never doubted for a second that I have been loved by you and my friends down here, still it’s very nice to hear it. Hope to see you soon.

  2. there is something to be said about a well-groomed man, either fuzzy or clean-shaven. it’s all about staying manicured. I like ya either way, and it’s always a matter of your own personal preference, of course (no matter what kind of pokes I make at ya).

    when are you coming to NYC to take my spin class? if not mine, since you’re preparing for a gay cruise, I suggest taking up spin out there… you’ll burn more calories than running and it’ll be easier on your body (no shock waves sent to your knees and back). xoxo -frankie

    • Maaan Frank. I was thinking about you when I was trimming my beard yesterday. I like to think that I had a beard before it became trendy. See, Frank, maybe I am a little ahead of the times! One thing is for certain though, because of you, I will always make sure my nose hairs and eye brows are trimmed. Speaking of which, I think my eye brows are getting a little out of control. I think I feel another blog post coming on:)

      And yes, very good question! When am I heading to New York. I told Francesca I was going to be there before the holidays. I am hoping I can still swing that. And if I am there, I will definitely take your spin class. Because of my Achilles’ tendon, I have been laying off the running and sticking mostly to hiking, walking and weight-lifting.

      I really hope I can make it out there this year, even if only for a few days or so. Will Daddy Frank pay for me??? haha


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