Day 30 – Body Progress Report

Today marks the 30th day since I’ve started this body transformation project. 1/5th of the way down. Numerically speaking, I am making progress. In fact this Day 30 stats aren’t looking too bad:

  • Weight: 191.8 lbs.
  • Waist: 40″

Total Change:

  • 12.2 lbs. of body mass
  • 2 inches of belly fat

Not terrible. My pants are feeling a little looser and my body is feeling stronger; however, the pictures aren’t particularly dramatic.

Front Left Side, Day 5, 201 Lbs. Right Side, Day 30 191.8 Lbs.

Left Side, Day 5, 201 Lbs.
Right Side, Day 30, 191.8 Lbs.

Profile Left Side, Day 5, 201 Lbs. Right Side, Day 30 191.8 Lbs.

Left Side, Day 5, 201 Lbs.
Right Side, Day 30, 191.8 Lbs.

The most dramatic change in the photo appears to be that 30 days later, I am finally able to comb my hair. In the before and after profile shot, it is evident that my belly has shrank a little bit. As a result, I am able to wear a lot of shirts that I wasn’t able to before. That says a lot a right there, but we all know that nobody wears shirts on gay cruises, so for the purposes of my transformation, it’s not a particularly helpful indicator of achievement.

I can’t say I am disappointed with the visual results, but seeing these pictures only inspires me to keep working hard in hopes of a more dramatic difference.

Short Term Goals

Looking forward, my next Body Progress Report will be on day 50. My short term goal to achieve on that day is to lose 6 pounds of body mass and to lose 1 more inch of body fat. which will put me at around 185 pounds (generously rounding down.)


Day 20 – Body Progress Report


D20 Weight Graph D20_Waist_Graph

Day 1 Stats:

  • Weight: 204 Lbs.
  • Waist : 42″

Day 20 Stats:

  • Weight: 195.6 Lbs
  • Waist: 40.5″

I am quite happy with the progress that I have made. I have managed to keep to my workout regime, weight lifting 4 times a week and hiking 2 days a week.

I weighed myself a handful of times over the past 10 days and I fluctuated from about 192 right back up to around 197. This morning the wheel landed right on:

D20_Weight 9-23


I am happy that I am not losing fat too fast. The plan was to give myself reasonable goals and lose weight slowly, not “crash diet” and starve myself (too much) and I like to think I am sticking with that. I must admit, following a lower carb, intermittent fasting diet is quite a challenging shift from my previous no-limits, overindulgent eating habits. However, I have to keep reminding myself that in order to take up residence in the gay ideal body, I must subject myself to a considerable amount of self-denial.